Why "Smart Money Choices Made Easy?"

When we talk with our friends and families, money is always a big topic. When it comes to credit cards, here’s what they said:

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What we do.

We review, categorize and rate widely available credit cards. Most major credit cards have at least one “signature” feature – like “cash back” on purchases or “low interest balance transfer” designed to encourage you to transfer your outstanding credit card balance. We categorize each card by their signature features to make comparison easier. Then, we compare each card within the category and highlight those cards that offer the best value. These cards are our “Equitee Selections.”

Equitee’s goal is to make it easy to make smart money choices and then get on with your life – exhaustive lists and selection criteria are, well, exhausting. You have better things to do!

Typically, we only display the credit cards that are widely available. Local credit unions and regional banks may provide good deals, but limited releases or membership requirements means they won’t work for many of us.

How we get paid.

When you apply for, and are approved for a credit card, we usually receive a commission. In some situations, we might not have a relationship with that credit card provider – if that’s the case, we don’t receive a commission. Whether or not we receive a commission doesn’t influence what cards we display or the order we display them in. If we believe it’s a smart money choice, we want you to know about it!